Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RCA ANT1500 Superior Flat Antenna (White)

!±8± RCA ANT1500 Superior Flat Antenna (White)

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RCA's ANT1500 large multi-directional digital flat antenna (white) is a flat multi-directional antenna whose patented dual-plane design provides consumers with more antenna in less space. Designed to be hung on the wall, rest on a stand or lie flat on a shelf, the 10.4-inch square, 0.78 inch-thin antenna virtually disappears in a room. The ANT1500¿s patented design consistently outperforms traditional antenna designs when receiving signals across the VHF and UHF bands.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RCA ANT1650 Amplified HDTV Antenna

Check it out here: www.parts-express.com Joe shows us this ultra flat antenna that has a rich high gloss black finish to complement today's slick LCD or plasma flat panels. It has superior signal reception quality. Receives local HD and all digital TV broadcasts, and outperforms traditional antennas due to the patented design. Enhance reception by amplifying weak signals with the removable amplifier. www.parts-express.com The #1 Source for Audio, Video and Speaker Building Components!

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